Wow Your Guides

Online tipping and review tool for tour guides. 

No payroll needed. 0% commission.

Guides Deliver Amazing Experiences

Guests want an easy way to thank them

Easier Tipping

No Payroll Needed

Guests send their guide a tip directly via Venmo or CashApp. Don't worry about special payroll runs and other headaches.

No Cash? No Problem

Sometimes guests don't bring cash or cards. They, however, will never forget their phone. Collect tips every time.

In-Store & After Guests Leave

Your guides will earn more. Guests can quickly tip in-store or receive a link in a post-trip email to thank their guides. 

100% Goes to Guides

Guides get 100% of the gratuity. There are no commissions or credit card fees.

More Guest Reviews

This is not another review platform. This helps you improve your operations and promote your business.

TripAdvisor & Google

After reviewing their guides, guests can 1-click to share the review with TripAdvisor and Google. 

Reward Your Best Guides

Have insight to see who your best guides are so you can reward them for their great work!

How does it work?




Create Company Page

Guest Scan or Click

Guest Tip Their Guide

Create a company page. Send magic links to guides to connect their profiles.

In-store - scan a QR code. After guests leave - they click a special link.

Guests select their guide to tip via Venmo or CashApp and review.

We're Full... For Now

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How much does it cost?

It's free for you and guides.

Can I get an invite? 

Signup or receive one from one of our partners.

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